Policy Statements

Quality of Life

  • Encourage training of older adults so that they may access and use current technology, including the internet, email, and face-to-face applications.
  • Support community programs that address isolation and that bring older adults together for companionship
  • Support efforts to end the exploitation of older adults through fraud and abuse.
  • Support safety and protection of all individuals whose lives are or may be touched by gun violence,
    alcohol and drug abuse or harmful combinations of prescribed or OTC medications.
  • Promote community involvement for older adults to interact with people of all ages through volunteer activities, religious services, membership in group activities, or other ways.
  • Support public safety policies that recognize the needs, abilities, and protections of people of all ages, races, gender, sexual identities, physical or mental condition or economic circumstance.
  • Support a clean and sustainable environment and access to life-sustaining systems for all.

Health Care

  • Support comprehensive, universal, quality, affordable, and accessible health care regardless of age, race, gender, sexuality, health status, physical or mental ability or economic circumstance.
  • Support the inclusion of dental, vision, and mental health services in all health care plans.
  • Support a more fulsome public health system that emphasizes neighborhood outreach and grass-roots assistance for all ages.
  • Support an individual’s right to exercise full choice and control over their body in making all health and medical choices, including end-of-life planning and death with dignity decisions.

Care Giving

  • Support and promote standards of care for small and large congregate care locations and home-based settings.
  • Support training and education for all caregivers.
  • Support adequate wages and benefits for caregivers regardless of setting.
  • Support services that provide emotional and psychological assistance to all caregivers.
  • Support regular monitoring and oversight of community and in-home care sites.


  • Support housing options that are accessible, affordable, and safe for all regardless of gender, health status, access needs, ability, or economic circumstance.
  • Advocate for housing for homeless seniors and others.
  • Support adequate planning for disasters or emergencies and provide training necessary to care for all and to respond appropriately to the situation.
  • Support creative inclusive housing solutions that employ the best use of interior and exterior space for senior-only living or multi-generational dwellings.
  • Support housing located near services, such as transportation, shopping, and healthcare facilities.

Legislation & Advocacy

  • Support local, state and/or Federal legislation that provide benefits to seniors in any aspect of life, including but not limited to, financial issues, health care, housing, safety, and services that assist people with disabilities.
  • Support political candidates who actively espouse our focus areas and mission statement and work to address the needs of older adults and those who care for them.
  • Support organizations whose goals match our focus areas.
  • Advocate change of and/or enhancement of public policies and legislation that support our mission and the above focus areas and oppose those that do not.

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Adopted September 24, 2021