Statement of Purpose

Our Gray Panthers Santa Barbara Network formed in November 2020. Our purpose is to educate, advocate and agitate on, around, and/or for a wide range of issues that affect older adults.

  • We are a countywide volunteer, intergenerational, social and economic justice organization. We formed to oppose oppression and discrimination against persons because of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, nationality, class, and physical and/or mental challenges.
  • We work independently or in coalition with other movements or organizations to achieve social and economic justice, a clean sustainable environment, quality health care, and decent affordable housing.
  • The Gray Panthers Santa Barbara Network provides educational programs of interest to older adults and those who share similar concerns. The Gray Panthers advocates to change or enhance public policies on the local, state and national level to further the general welfare of people of all ages.
  • We are formed as a California public-benefit nonprofit corporation. Our leadership consists of a board of directors which meets regularly. We are a membership organization and member meetings will be held several times a year with an annual membership meeting in January.