Partnering with your Physician: Tips on Navigating our Healthcare System


February 29, 2024    
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

David Lebell MD will discuss the concept of “shared decision-making” and review some resources patients and their families can easily access to help determine if a proposed course of action or treatment is potentially controversial, such as the website

Stan Frochtzwajg MD will focus primarily on ways to partner and the value of partnering with your physician with an acknowledgement of some of the unique pressures and rules physicians are currently facing.

Silvia Corral MD will talk about patient advocacy and its importance. She will identify specific ways in which a person can be their own advocate, ie the “toolbox”, and improve the patient physician partnership. Lastly, she will explain how a medical advocate can help patients navigate the very complicated and serious decisions when the stakes are high.